I wanted to use React to build a TODO application that takes into account where I need to be to complete a task. I don’t “buy milk” while at home nor do I “cut the grass” when I’m at work. I want my TODO application to be smart and only show me tasks that make sense for where I am or where I’m going.


If you are unfamiliar with TodoMVC, it was started by Addy Osmani and Sindre Sorhus sometime around 2012 with the help of many contributors over the years as “a project which offers the same Todo application…

I suspect it is not uncommon for somebody technically minded to volunteer to do something only to find themselves realizing, “ok, well, now I need to figure out how to do that” simply because they were looking for a challenge. I decided to start recording video from my son’s ice hockey games as the team videographer. I have no prior experience doing any video editing or filming of anything let alone sports, but professionally I do know how to write software even if I’m an amateur when it comes to media.

What I have observed is that parents like to…

In a recent post I shared my perspective on Developer Relations including the various activities one might observe from a DevRel organization. A few years ago I participated in a developer marketing campaign that helps illustrate how these various activities come together in practice. First though, somebody had to jump into a volcano.

A Showcase Project

DevRel builds interesting projects, prototypes, and demonstrations by using the company’s products and APIs to understand what an external developer’s experience is. (link)

As a Developer Evangelist with General Electric, I was often on the lookout for what I referred to as a showcase or hero project…

What is DevRel?

Here’s my take.

Developer Relations (or DevRel) is the part of an organization that focuses on making sure a product is ready for adoption when the intended user is a software developer. A technical product is different because the audience for consuming it:

  • doesn’t typically respond to traditional marketing tactics
  • doesn’t typically respond to traditional sales
  • is well informed and often capable of solving the problem themselves

A product that is an API available on the cloud is a prime example, developers can either recommend or block the buying decision. …

Last year, I did a round-up of some of the things I worked on in 2017. While 2018 didn’t include as many volcanoes, virus labs, or boats as the year prior — I worked on a few interesting projects while working for General Electric (GE) and part way through the year made the switch to join HERE Technologies in the Developer Relations group.

Community — Makers

I align myself closely with the maker community and had the fun task of building out a makerspace at GE Digital in San Ramon. With a small budget and the help of Rik Dryfoos we furnished the…

I’ve presented in a few webinars for developers in the past but not enough to have good data on what constitutes an optimal webinar strategy. I’m posting in hopes others might take pity and share their evidence / references to help me make an informed decision.

Key Topics:

  • Webinar Frequency — how often should you do a webinar, how often should you repeat content previously presented in a webinar.
  • Live vs. Pre-recorded
  • Software
  • Scheduling


I’m comparing two options for a webinar frequency decision:

One and Done Strategy — Run webinar on a topic once and then make the recording available…

Originally published at developer.here.com so check out the original too.

What is in your Top 5 travel destinations? I asked my 8 year old son this recently and the response surprised me. The answer was very specific and unfamiliar.

I have to admit ignorance that I’ve answered the `${site} wants to know your location` question many times without thinking very deeply about what it means, both in terms of privacy or how it works technically.

I’m guessing that sometime in the past 5 years you’ve seen it too, so what’s going on behind the scenes and how might you use this in developing applications?

The Geolocation API

In order to make an application user-friendly, it makes good sense to know where the location of the user is. Things like places can be made more relevant, navigation and routing can be started sooner…

The GE Digital Volcano App came out last summer with an early version of the Predix Python SDK known as PredixPy. This is a client library that is ready to help Python developers get started with many Predix Services in 10 lines of code or less.

This newest release candidate includes:

  • verified to work on Python 3.6 and Python 2.7
  • allows you to encrypt your manifest configuration files
  • provides more flexibility for object initialization
  • supports Predix Cache (Redis)
  • supports Predix Database as a Service (PostgreSQL)
  • supports Predix Event Hub
  • supports UAA user management CRUD operations
  • more unit and integration test…

In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), systems thinking is important. Systems manage flows of goods, chemicals, energy, and manufacturing processes that run the world. Unless you’ve spent some time in this Operations Technology (OT) world, you may not understand the purpose and mechanics behind control systems.

From the recent book from Ryane Bohm, Industrial IIoT for Developers, a control system is described as an arrangement of physical components that is designed to regulate the equipment to which it’s attached. This can fall into a couple of categories. The first, open-loop controls are those that operate the same way regardless…

Jayson DeLancey

Manage Developer Relations @Dolby; Maker at Robot Garden; Previously HERE, GE, Rackspace, DreamWorks Animation, MathWorks, Carnegie Mellon

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